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Have you suffered a soft tissue injury or suffer discomfort or pain from daily activities? Working at VeroPhysio, Veronique offers sports massage therapy, treating soft tissue to help with pain and recovery. Her previous customers include footballers, rugby players, badminton players, swimmers, runners and hard workers!

Sports massage therapy can:

Relaxing body massages

• Help with muscular pain

• Promote healing

• Help relieve stress

• Helps with general maintenance of your body

• And many more

How often do you get to really relax? These massages are a deep tissue treatment which aim to promote relaxation throughout the whole body. Not only can this help relieve stress but it can help stimulate the immune system helping to eliminate toxins from your body.


The massages are all conducted in our room where you can switch off and enjoy a state of complete relaxation. Located in Renfrew, VeroPhysio can help you feel fantastic.

Sports massage therapy in Renfrewshire

To book or to learn more about sports massage therapy, call VeroPhysio today.

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